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Violin, Synthesizers, Bass, and Fuzz Bass Tones –
Music by Alex Johnson.

“ltzhak Perlman with glints of Metallica”
– Craig Lebendorfer, Seattle Weekly

New Music Videos by Alex Johnson
Original Music | Original Video.

Above: “Garden of Eden” is one of my latest songs, combining Bass Guitar, Fuzz Bass, Violin, and Synthesizers.

(Links for Videos below open in YouTube.)


Gunslinger is a short ambient piece with a unique moodiness that is somewhat bittersweet. The main melodic expression in the first part of the song is a bass melody doubled with violin.  Later the mood shifts to a warm but deep feeling.


Sunbeam features bass rhythms accompanied by “fuzz bass” lines. Fuzz Bass is a bass guitar technique that creates a distinctive and unique floating sound.  In “Sunbeam”, Violin solos and harmonies top off this new sound.


A short, moody song, with a nice violin solo in the middle.

“Welcome To Heaven”

Lose yourself in this blissful journey to the other side.
Designed for meditation, contemplation, and relaxation.


Early Video by Alex – 9/11 Memorial Music Video. Original music soundtrack.

“Garden of Eden”

“And a river went out of Eden
to water the garden;
and from thence it was parted,
and became into four heads.”
Genesis, Chapter 2

Above: “Black Hole” – Soundtrack is Stephen Hawking saying “Black Hole”. All of the sounds you hear are created with only Stephen Hawking’s “voice” run at different speeds, reversed etc. I probably recorded this, as an experiment, back in the early 1980’s. First photos of a black hole released today, April 10th, 2019.

Alex Johnson Music Catalog
Alex Johnson Music Catalog