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Music by Alex Johnson –
Violin, Bass, Fuzz Bass, & Synthesizers

“ltzhak Perlman with glints of Metallica”
– Craig Lebendorfer, Seattle Weekly

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Latest Video! – “LOOK MY WAY”
Video by RevRon P.


“Look My Way” combines Bass Guitar, Fuzz Bass, Violin, and Electric Guitars.

“LOOK MY WAY”: Song by Alex Johnson / RevRon P.
Alex Johnson – Bass Guitar, Fuzz Bass, Violin
RevRon P. – Lead & Rhythm Guitars.
Video by RevRon P.

“Look My Way” Audio File


“TONS OF FUN”: Move to the Groove – and have Tons Of Fun!

“Tons of Fun” is another collaboration featuring Alex Johnson and RevRon P.
It’s hard to put a label on this song, or to really describe it – but it probably isn’t like anything you’ve heard before, and maybe not quite what you’d expect.

The song combines memorable driving bass lines along with distinctive guitar licks that blend together to make a groove that will really stick in your head. Add in some bells and tongue drum, along with a lead guitar solo that will blow your mind, and you have a song you won’t soon forget!

When you just CAN’T keep the JOY inside –
you can Move To The Groove – and have Tons of Fun!

“TONS OF FUN”: Song by Alex Johnson & RevRon P.
RevRon P. – Guitars / Bells & Tongue Drum
Alex Johnson – Bass / Rhythm & Drum Track

“Tons of Fun” Audio File

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Song by Alex Johnson & RevRon P.
RevRon P. – Lead & Rhythm Guitars.
Alex Johnson – Bass Guitar / Violin.

“Do It Again” will make you want to
“Play it Again”!

“Do It Again” Audio File


I liked the ethereal sound I got with the violin in this song, contrasted with the low, gut grabbing bass parts.

This is back to my more “minimalist” style, which I really enjoy.

“Late One Night” Audio File


Song by Alex Johnson & RevRon P.
RevRon P. – Lead & Rhythm Guitars.
Alex Johnson – Bass Guitar.

“STEAM SHOVEL”: Get your blood pumping & feel the power of the beat!

“Steam Shovel” Audio File


“Garden of Eden” is a different style – combining Bass Guitar, Fuzz Bass, Violin, and Synthesizers.

“Garden of Eden” Audio File


“Free All Day” combines Bass Guitar, Fuzz Bass, Violin, and Synthesizers.

There is a Violin Solo in the middle of this song, with a nice bass part along with it. That solo section is what I liked the best about this song… give it a listen!

“Free All Day” Audio File


“Gunslinger” is a short ambient piece with a unique moodiness that is somewhat bittersweet. The main melodic expression in the first part of the song is a bass melody doubled with violin. Later the mood shifts to a warm but deep feeling.

“Gunslinger” Audio File


“Sunbeam” features bass rhythms accompanied by “fuzz bass” lines, creating a distinctive and unique floating sound. In “Sunbeam”, Violin solos and harmonies top off this new sound.

“Sunbeam” Audio File


A short, moody song, with a nice violin solo in the middle.

Includes some other worldly vocals that create quite a different mood.

“Fallout” Audio File


Lose yourself in this blissful journey to the other side.

Designed for meditation, contemplation, and relaxation.

“Welcome To Heaven” Audio File


Early Video by Alex – 9/11 Memorial Music Video. Original music soundtrack.

Alex Johnson Music Catalog
Alex Johnson Music Catalog