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Violin, Synthesizers, Bass, and Fuzz Bass Tones –
Music by Alex Johnson.

“ltzhak Perlman with glints of Metallica”
– Craig Lebendorfer, Seattle Weekly

New Music Videos by Alex Johnson
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Above: “Black Hole” – Soundtrack is Stephen Hawking saying “Black Hole”. All of the sounds you hear are created with only Stephen Hawking’s “voice” run at different speeds, reversed etc. I probably recorded this, as an experiment, back in the early 1980’s. First photos of a black hole released today, April 10th, 2019.

Above: “Garden of Eden” is one of my latest songs, combining Bass Guitar, Fuzz Bass, Violin, and Synthesizers.

(Links for Videos below open in YouTube.)

“Garden of Eden”

“And a river went out of Eden
to water the garden;
and from thence it was parted,
and became into four heads.”
Genesis, Chapter 2


Gunslinger is a short ambient piece with a unique moodiness that is somewhat bittersweet. The main melodic expression in the first part of the song is a bass melody doubled with violin.  Later the mood shifts to a warm but deep feeling.


Sunbeam features bass rhythms accompanied by “fuzz bass” lines. Fuzz Bass is a bass guitar technique that creates a distinctive and unique floating sound.  In “Sunbeam”, Violin solos and harmonies top off this new sound.


A short, moody song, with a nice violin solo in the middle.

“Welcome To Heaven”

Lose yourself in this blissful journey to the other side.
Designed for meditation, contemplation, and relaxation.


Early Video by Alex – 9/11 Memorial Music Video. Original music soundtrack.

Above: my latest video is a song I started and I thought I would let people see what just the bass and drums are like. The song is called “Steam Shovel”. Anyone wanting to jam along, feel free… plenty of space for solos!

Alex Johnson Music Catalog
Alex Johnson Music Catalog