“Black Hole” – First Photos of a Black Hole, Music Video

Music Video “Black Hole”, by Alex Johnson

“Black Hole” Soundtrack is Stephen Hawking’s *voice* saying “Black Hole”.

All of the sounds you hear are created with only Stephen Hawking’s “voice” run at different speeds, reversed etc. I probably recorded this soundtrack, as an experiment, back in the early 1980’s.

This music track was just waiting for this day, to be blended together with these first photos of a Black Hole released to the public for the first time on 04/10/19.

When I saw these photos of a Black Hole today, I thought my early music track would fit perfectly… so I created this video to share in this historic day!

Thanks to all the scientists, physicists, mathematicians, and many others who made these photos possible, you inspire us in many ways – and have inspired me to make this “Black Hole” Music Video.

Please pass along this video, and share. Thanks for visiting!

Alex Johnson

First photos of a black hole released today, April 10th, 2019.
Music Video “Black Hole”, by Alex Johnson