Online Collaborations – Seeking Drummer / Drum Programmer

Seeking Drum Tracks / Drummer / Drum Programmer
for ONLINE Collaboration

I am currently collaborating with a guitar player, but am seeking a drummer or drum programmer to work with as well.

This collaboration will be completely ONLINE and remote.

My current guitarist also is experienced with providing drum tracks, but he is very busy with other projects, so I am branching out to work with a new drummer, or drum programmer who can provide drum tracks and write new original material.

What I Am Looking For

I am looking for a flexible, creative drummer who can handle a challenge in creating new original songs. If we work together, the drum tracks and drum parts are handled by you alone. I may offer suggestions or ideas if those are welcome, but have no intention of dictating any parts. I do like percussion as well as regular drums, so I am very open to anything rhythmic that fits the song.

I am looking for someone who will hear my bass tracks, and find them relatively easy to work with… or that they easily inspire a rhythm in the person’s head.

Not looking for a struggle, but rather an easy fit.

About My Bass Playing

My general approach to music leans towards the “less is more” school.
Or, “when in doubt, leave it out”.

Most drummers love working with me as a bass player.
I know how to make them sound the best they can.

Any new material that I am involved with will have a pretty strong bass to it, and bass will be an integral part of the music. I feel that good strong bass lines are something that are getting harder to find, and good original music with a strong bass and rhythm groove to it will be welcome somewhere out there.

My newer songs are bit more complex, and drive a little harder. So will be looking for a bit different drum style than I have had in most of the examples on my website. I actually have 3 new songs that are a bit of a different style, that will be coming out soon with my current guitar collaborator.

Open To Collaboration If You Have Original Music

I am also open to Collaboration if YOU have your OWN MUSIC or group and are looking for a BASS PLAYER. It doesn’t have to be all my original music, but it must be original music for me to be involved.

If you have something interesting and are looking for a bass player to collaborate with on YOUR material, I am open to that as well.

About This ONLINE Collaboration

  • Please be able to provide finished tracks, cleanly recorded
  • Please be responsive and timely.
    An easy going collaboration, but looking for a responsible adult.
  • Realize this collaboration serves primarily as a creative outlet.
    If we can get people to hear it, that is great, but driving for some kind of commercial success is not my primary goal. I know the music industry, so my expectations are very realistic. I am interested in creating top notch creative songs.
  • Bonus for communication skills.
    A strong bonus if you are willing to communicate enough to avoid misunderstandings or wasted time because of ineffective use of, or lack of communication.
  • Hopefully you prefer regular progress and improvement, over rush jobs or numbers games.
    I might like to work on 1 song a month or 2 months, so the pace of working isn’t too demanding. There are ebbs and flows, but relatively steady output is desired.

How This Will Work – Moving Forward

  • If you are interested, please provide some samples of your work, or any website etc. that will give me information about your playing or your tracks you could provide.
  • First I will provide samples of some of the new songs I have that are open for drum tracks.
    If you like those tracks and think you would like to take a shot at providing a sample for me to listen to, I can provide the full track for you to work on. You can view those samples in the videos below.
  • Next I will provide clean bass tracks (bass track only, no reverb) for 3 songs I have that are open for new drum tracks or percussion tracks, if we get past the first two steps.
  • Follow-up: If you provide me with a sample of a drum track fitted to the song, or a full drum track for the song for your sample, we can take it from there.
  • Finally: We should be able to tell rather quickly if things will work out.

Other Guitarists / Multi-Instrumentalists

Note on Guitar Players / Other Players: At some point in the future I will be going through this same process to find a guitar player / multi-instrumentalist. If you happen to know a guitar player who might be a candidate, I am open to that. I am also open if you are working with a guitar player now who might work out. I just need to take a look at the situation and hear the music to tell. I am experienced, so can tell fairly quickly if something is feasible or not.

I plan to continue working with my current guitar player for collaborations, but his time and availability are limited, so other options are open.

Final Information About Collaborating Online

As a bass player, I would really like to find a good drummer, or person who could provide good drum tracks, however they do that… I would like to find someone who really wants to sound killer by by collaborating with my song writing ability and my bass playing.

My bass tracks are strong, and unique.

I am looking for a drummer who hears the power and finesse of my bass playing, and would like to jump in and contribute.

I have done numerous successful collaborations, so I know how to get the most out of my own playing, and anyone who is playing the music along with me. We do this by working together to combine our unique talents.

If you want to take a shot at it, shoot me a message and lets get the ball rolling!


Email – Drummer@AlexJohnson.Info to get started!

“Back in the Game” VIDEO DEMO:
Bass Track with replaceable drum track.
For Online Collaboration. (Remote Only)

“Back in the Game” VIDEO DEMO: Bass Track with replaceable drum track.

“Everything Is Always Moving” VIDEO DEMO:
Bass Track with replaceable drum track.
For Online Collaboration. (Remote Only)

“Everything Is Always Moving” VIDEO DEMO: Bass Track with replaceable drum track.