Collaborations – Mark D. West

Mark D. West
Multi-Instrumentalist / Artist

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Mark is a talented drummer and multi-instrumentalist. His unique style of music is well suited to my own special brand of bass playing and writing.

He is a friend of mine from back when we both lived in Seattle. We recently renewed our friendship and decided to do some creative collaborations. Mark has been working in a new direction with his music lately, and thought our styles might be a good fit.

Since we don’t live in the same city anymore, our collaboration is online. Mark has been sending me some of his latest compositions and I have been able to add any bass parts I feel might round out the piece.

We have been having a lot of fun writing these songs, and we are both looking forward to writing more music and producing more videos together.

Stay tuned!

Our first song was “Open Minds & Ticking Clocks”.
You can check the video for that tune below.

Open Minds & Ticking Clocks

Thanks to Pixabay
Video Contributors:
relaxing guru

Mark D. West: All instruments except Bass.
Alex Johnson: Bass Guitar | Video

Listen to Open Minds & Ticking Clocks Audio File below –

Open Minds & Ticking Clocks Audio File